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Michelle’s goals have always included the opportunity to share her life lessons with others. She firmly believes that we don’t need to personally experience every lesson to learn it and her abundant multi faceted experiences as a commercial real estate professional, a community volunteer, the co-founder of a not-for-profit serving homeless and at risk children, a single parent, a wife, a step mother, a step child, a child of an alcoholic parent, a sexual abuse survivor, a domestic abuse survivor and a passionate lover of life, she has a great deal to share.

If you would like to invite Michelle to speak to your group, organization or gathering, please click here to contact her with your preferred date and time. You won’t be disappointed.

You can download Michelle Candland’s speaking engagement topics as a PDF file: SpeakerTopics.pdf


Speaker Topics:

1. If You’re Not Failing, You’re Not Learning—Growing From Adversity

Mike Ditka once said, “Success isn’t permanent and failure isn’t fatal.”
Since the first day we began our lifelong journey of personal growth and exploration, it has been necessary to try new things.  There has seldom been, if ever, a guaranteed-to-succeed first attempt methodology to anything worthwhile; we try, we fail, we try again and sometimes fail again, but with each new attempt we learn something valuable from the failure and we are better than we were when we began.

  • Explore all shapes and sizes of adversity
  • Catalog your lessons
  • Discover new ways to succeed


2. If It’s Predictable It’s Preventable, or Is It?  Embrace a Plan B

Holding onto Life’s steering wheel until your knuckles turn white doesn’t guarantee you’ll stay on the right path, it just ensures that eventually you’ll suffer from cramps in your hands.  The best intentions, the right decisions for the right reasons, associating with the right people, are all noble attempts at avoiding less than desirable consequences.  The problem is that you can’t control everything and everyone all the time.  So do you live your life perpetually worried and stressed out or do you consciously choose to plan for the inevitable detours in your path?

  • Loosen up, give yourself permission to change your mind
  • Respect yourself and have confidence in your abilities
  • Saving the world is hazardous to your health


3. Live Your Legacy – What Are You Waiting For?
Legacy means something different to everyone.  To some it’s as simple as leaving money to their children or their favorite charity; to others it’s making a personal contribution in their community in as many ways as possible.  To all who choose to participate in the process, it is about sharing a passion and making a positive impact on your family and those around you.  John Bunyan, a 17th century writer once said, “You have not lived until you can do something for someone who can never repay you.”

  • Where can you make a difference?
  • How can you get started?
  • Who shares your passion?
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